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The Muttman Home

One Lesson to Take Control of Your Dog
 In this one Lesson you will learn how to apply your "energy"
to communicate with your four legged family members--how to speak dog.

By the end of your lesson your dog will be
 listening to what you say and doing what you ask.

 Dog Psychology and Training
 You will learn:

1. What drives your dog's mind.

2. How to access your dog's mind.
3. How your energy affects your dog.
4. The one thing to never do with your dog.
5.The three things to make you the leader of the pack.


By the end of the lesson you will be able
to eliminate bad habits and create the behavior you seek.

Dog whisperer, dog talker, dogologist, whatever you call what he is,
 people who have tried his method say it works!”
Orlando Sentinel


 Meet the Muttman
Petey the PuppyYou may already know of Stacy Moore and his trained dogs. You may have seen them perform at Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or The Flamingo Hilton and Excalibur in Las Vegas. Or you may have seen one of his television appearances. Over many years, Stacy has developed a very special style and system of canine training. His system is very similar to Cesar Milan's but varies slightly.
Stacy has over 40 years' of dog training experience--he trained his first dog, Opie, at the age of 6.

acy is also available to work one on one with you
and your beloved dog.

Stacy Moore and Dexter Perform the Mail Box Trick!

Notable Clients

Stacy Moore and his family have been producing dog shows for over 50 years. He has produced shows for Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, major motion pictures, national and international commercials, state and county fairs, sports (NBA, CBA, NFL, MLB), fund raisers for humane societies, and animal shelters. He has received the key to the city of Las Vegas.