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Dog Training Clinics

Control your dog by thinking like a dog. The Muttman will teach you how to understand your dog's, motivation and energy. By the end of the clinic you will be demonstrating control of your dog that you never thought possible.  


Space at the public clinics is limited to 10 people per day at a cost of $75 for one person and one dog, $100 for a couple and one dog, and $125 for a couple and two dogs. In-home lessons are $275. To register for private In-home click here.

Please bring:
A chair for comfortable seating.
A copy of your Paypal receipt for confirmation.

**A $50.00 deposit** is requested for all clinics, the remaining cost of the clinic is due on the day of clinic.

Your dog must be leashed and if aggressive must be muzzled.

Cost of Clinic:

- 1 person 1 dog $75.00
- 2 people 1 dog $100.00
- 2 people 2 dogs $125.00

25% of all clinic proceeds go to benefit an animal shelter or rescue group

Please Register an Pay Your Deposit Below for Clinics Only
Upcoming Clinic Schedule:
To Be Announced